Are your prospective customers obvious?

Nurturing LeadsIt is easy to lose prospective customers in a market of potentials. You are busy responding to leads. Those with the most value don’t always get the best attention.
Whats the simplest way to address this?

Nurturing prospects (often called leads) doesn’t have a one size fits all solution.
However, there is a proven process that will significantly help you.
Whats more, it’s a process that can be automated.

The principle is to have more “face time” with the prospective customer.
The catch is that you don’t want to become a nuisance.. and the time needs to add value.
The prospective customer has to “pull” for the information. You can’t push it.

Problem Unaware

Let’s stop and recall the relationship between the type of information a customer may request and where they are in the “brand” journey. Continue reading Are your prospective customers obvious?