Inspire people to do the “impossible”

Our mission is to “inspire people to do the impossible”Worsley-as-logo

Read our blog on Henry Worsley in the photo on right  “inspiring People to do the Impossible”

We are well suited to consult to Medium size businesses from 50-200 employees.
We understand technology and technology enablers.
We understand team dynamics and motivation.
We understand both the sales and delivery process.
We understand strategy.
We are fast and work well under pressure.
We are structured but creative.
We work from a background of: “Growth creates complexity: simplicity is the anti-dote”

We reflect on personal experience of wins and failures from high growth companies.
From the wins:
– “impossible” is a throw-away line, although time and money are constraints.
– “product and service innovation” has an excellent track record.
– “nurtured leads” to orders is exceptionally well automated and well thought out.
– “change and innovation” in teams is a way of life
– “engagement of people” is a natural skill.
– “integrating cloud apps” in many parts of the business.
– “deep problem solving” is a talent.
From the failures:
– “simplifying a business process” after “high growth” is a must do.
– “refreshing channel partners” is a test on relationships.
– “re-positioning people’s role” needs constant re-assessment.