Visual problem solving innovation


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

Creating the “Impossible”

In my mind, the black art of Innovation and the white science of problem solving go hand in hand. One needs the other for a commercial outcome.Problem Solving based innovation

Famous artists can follow two broad processes:

  • quick and creative – Picasso, Pollock
  • careful and methodical – Monet (he planted water lilies before painting them)

Both processes could work with innovation but the chances of success with the quick and creative is much lower than the careful and methodical, in my opinion.

We follow a careful and methodical process that is highly visual:

  • It is anchored in problem solving and a desire to step beyond the present.
  • It is anchored in a belief “without the theory, experience will not teach”.
  • It requires intense brainstorming in a team environment.
  • It requires multiple iterations to see solutions.

Engage us in your project and we do the following:

  • Quick assessment of your project and if we can assist.
  • If yes, then a structured process at a pace and intensity you require.
  • Non-disclosure statements are a given.
  • Opening presentation to your team of an example and the process followed so they “see” the process.

Here is a summary of innovation I have done:

  • Automatic waterless toilet in any condition
  • Security verification of financed asset’s physical location
  • Using minimal noble elements in a high capital investment for scalable design
  • Digitised lead nurturing to quote increased by 50%
  • Forecast accuracy of sales orders by channel partners increased significantly
  • Reduced solar energy load in a caravan by 40%
  • Digitised “kanban” for Lean manufacturing
  • Reduced chassis weight on a large off-road caravan by 60%
  • Reduced oil consumption in large (mining) diesel engines by 80%
  • Many IT items unlisted…

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