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If you have a kick-ass idea that needs shaping (or lack of one) and you have 6 or more team members sharing our passion for Design (of products or services or both). Then knock the competitors out of the race. Take-up our package “Blue Ocean Design”. (Blog coming)

This is a proven process and it’s all automated from the palm of your hand.

Motivational discussion on “Blue Sea Design” – competitive design that positions your proposed product or service with huge opportunity. Minor opportunities are discarded. Why you leave “good ideas” right to the end.

  • Explore why “problems” faced by the customer is the key starting point for design success. (workshop) – preferred to have “voice of customer”.
  • Map core problems into quadrants with disciplined analysis of impact on customer.
  • Brainstorm and simple mapping of product features to mitigate problems in the four quadrants.  (workshop)
  • Broad assessment of development and implementation costs by quadrant.
  • Bang for your buck assessment.

This consultancy varies in intensity and is charged at a daily rate. (plus out of pocket travel expenses.)