Nurturing Leads

Automated Lead Nurturing

Motivational discussion on sales success rate vs touching the customer.

Let’s stop and recall the relationship between the type of information a customer may request and where they are in the “brand” journey.

Prospect is: Best Response:
“Problem Unaware” Product stories and insights
“Problem Aware” Benefits and trouble problems can create
“Solution Aware” Proof of solving problem or achieving result
“Product Knowledgeable” Deals – they understand your Brand
“Market Experts” Product, Price points, Special options

The challenge is to gently test the prospect through questions of qualification and deliver the creative response. If the prospect keeps “pulling for more information”, you are creating the right value.

  • Explore why “brand perception” with the customer is no 1 measure of sales success. (workshop)
  • Brainstorm and simple mapping of current process and how the customer is touched multiple times. (workshop)
  • What are the time wasters that slow you down.  What will move the needle for your sales team?
  • Broad assessment of available smartphone apps that may fit.
  • Inter connectivity made simple: development and implementation costs.

Nurturing LeadsWe spend 30 mins on the phone understanding your scenario and do a quick assessment of the opportunity for you. Then we come to your site and do a presentation and active workshop


This is a proven process and it’s all automated from the palm of your hand.