Connect with Feedback


If you have a “small disconnect” with your customers that’s getting out of hand and you want to reset without being defensive…. This is a proven process and it’s all automated from the palm of your hand. If you have 10 or more team members sharing our passion for continuous improvement from the voice of the customer. (b2c or b2b with m2c), then Ahaa.. nail improvements and close the loop for positive social media acknowledgement…Take-up our package “Ahaa…” to get the ball rolling with digital technology and simple processes. (Blog coming)

Motivational discussion on “Ahaa feedback” – importance of immediate response to spontaneous feedback from customers and channel to market stakeholders.

  • Workshop on automated smart apps with tagging and feedback classification. Set these for targeted accountability.
  • Explore where to position the automated feedback capture.
  • Brainstorm and simple mapping of improvement process to mitigate problems in the tagged classifications.  (workshop)
  • Broad assessment of development and implementation costs.
  • Bang for your buck assessment.

We spend 30 mins on the phone understanding your scenario and do a quick assessment of the opportunity for you. Then we come to your site and do a the active workshop