Nurturing Leads

Are your prospective customers obvious?

Nurturing LeadsIt is easy to lose prospective customers in a market of potentials. You are busy responding to leads. Those with the most value don’t always get the best attention.
Whats the simplest way to address this?

Nurturing prospects (often called leads) doesn’t have a one size fits all solution.
However, there is a proven process that will significantly help you.
Whats more, it’s a process that can be automated.

The principle is to have more “face time” with the prospective customer.
The catch is that you don’t want to become a nuisance.. and the time needs to add value.
The prospective customer has to “pull” for the information. You can’t push it.

Problem Unaware

Let’s stop and recall the relationship between the type of information a customer may request and where they are in the “brand” journey.

Prospect is: Best Response:
“Problem Unaware” Product stories and insights
“Problem Aware” Benefits and trouble problems can create
“Solution Aware” Proof of solving problem or achieving result
“Product Knowledgeable” Deals – they understand your Brand
“Market Experts” Product, Price points, Special options

The challenge is to gently test the prospect through questions of qualification and deliver the creative response. If the prospect keeps “pulling for more information”, you are creating the right value.

The challenge is to qualify what the problems are that you are solving with your products and services if your brand is not known when the buying journey starts.

Brand Aware

“Brand” is the highest form of productivity as it takes prospects closer to the buyers decision point. However, in a fast moving market, Brand perception can change overnight. Nurturing prospects through an automated process will give you feedback of the brand awareness for each of the products you are selling.

 Touch 5 Times

You are building a relationship with prospective customers. Delivering a tailored response to what type and level of information they require defines the “digital relationship”. If this is sound, your brand moves up in the prospect’s eyes.

Experience tells us the likelihood of converting a prospective customer to an order goes up significantly with each “touch”. What if the first 4 touches are digital and the fifth is person to person? This is productive and scalable.

Simple Visibility of Touch Points and Close Rates

With the right automated process, you should be able to see the relationship between these two factors. Better still, you can “move the needle ” on close rate without the added cost of additional sales resource.

How easy is this to do?

Doable and with a great payback in most cases.

Contact us and we can develop a solution “in the Palm of your hand” that is proven to get results.



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Bruce Loxton

Bruce Loxton is often described as an “engineers, engineer”. His career has included mechanical, mining, electrical and chemical engineering. Combine his passion for data and automation with business sales and delivery teams for a great-digitized process. However, Bruce is a thinker on design, strategy and working in teams. He has achieved “impossible” projects over his career by targeting the big and the bold. Innovation seems to come naturally to the very structured thought process on problem solving and value. Bruce was Non-Executive Chairman of Qinetiq Australia for 6 years till 2017. Qinetiq is Global Defence Technology provider with a market cap of $1Bn & listed (QQ.L). He is an Alumnus of: Harvard Business School, USC in LA, and IMD in Lausanne. He is a former Council Member, Chem. Eng Foundation, Uni of Sydney.

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