If Henry Ford had a Smartphone

If-HENRY-FORD-had-a-Smart-phoneHenry Ford saved time through innovation and change. He is best known for the moving vehicle production line. The line moved at a set production pace. Workers had to keep up to the line.

To keep up to line speed, innovative vehicle assembly procedures were developed and perfected. Each change was simple but detailed. The details became routine.
Simplifying the routine gave improvement. However, the big gains were in more “thinking time”. More problems were solved. More time to implement innovation.

Nearly every business has a “Henry Ford” moving line. It is the digitisation of your work processes. This end-to-end set of processes should give the customer meaningful solutions on time and on spec. Every business has side processes that take people “off the production line”.

Many process steps use computer based applications. Some use digital communication. There is data collection internally and with the customer. How much time would you save if these steps were simplified?

Palm 2 Cloud follows a change process of identifying simple processes that take too long. We examine apps you can hold in the palm of your hand to simplify things. We explore together with you how much more thinking time can be released for the customer.

More thinking time adds value to both your business and your people.

If you have 20 or more team members, sharing this passion and process is free.
You just have to “pay for freight” (travel expenses).

Take our package “If Henry Ford had a Smartphone”.

  • Motivational discussion on change, innovation and simplification of processes.
  • Immediate smartphone apps are given at no charge to simplify every individual’s time, regardless of your business.
  • Brainstorm and simple mapping of at least 3 time wasters that will move the needle for your team.

We spend 30 mins on the phone understanding your scenario and do a quick assessment of the opportunity for you. Then we come to your site and do the presentation and active workshop tailored to your business. Its an exciting simple adventure!

Take the first simple step. Reach out for further discussion:

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Bruce Loxton

Bruce Loxton is often described as an “engineers, engineer”. His career has included mechanical, mining, electrical and chemical engineering. Combine his passion for data and automation with business sales and delivery teams for a great-digitized process. However, Bruce is a thinker on design, strategy and working in teams. He has achieved “impossible” projects over his career by targeting the big and the bold. Innovation seems to come naturally to the very structured thought process on problem solving and value. Bruce was Non-Executive Chairman of Qinetiq Australia for 6 years till 2017. Qinetiq is Global Defence Technology provider with a market cap of $1Bn & listed (QQ.L). He is an Alumnus of: Harvard Business School, USC in LA, and IMD in Lausanne. He is a former Council Member, Chem. Eng Foundation, Uni of Sydney.

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